Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and if we are not paying attention this transitional menopausal time is here to wake us up! Your next chapter might look very different from what you have imagined. (meaning better, more incredible, more fun, more full of possibility than before.)  It might not feel that way at this moment. However, I believe if we can give ourselves time and space to transition at our own pace and honor where we are fear and resistance will move out of the way.  I don't buy into the commonly held idea that "life is all downhill", that these years to follow are fallow.  I choose to accept something different for myself and for others that are of the same mind. 

Join in. Let's do this together.

Keep doing this, I love that you are in your “why” using your gifts to “normalize” menopause and take it out of the closet. Thank you!”
— Kathi C.
You allowed space for acceptance of everyone’s individual history and experience, both from the past and in the present moment of the yoga class...I highly recommend this class to any women who are along any point of the menopausal journey. There are benefits for women who are peri-menopausal as well as women who, like me, have been post - menopausal for 10 years or more. We all learned from, and supported, each other through the times of sharing incorporated in class.
— Lisa R.